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Huang Xing Road Pedestrian Street 

Integrated modern and classical

The name Huang Xing Road is used to commemorate the revolutionary martyr Huang Xing. Huang Xing Road pedestrian Street is divided into inner and outer streets, integrating leisure, entertainment, catering, culture, tourism, and other functions. With many shops and complete commodities. 

Huang Xing Road pedestrian Street is not only a symbol of the trend but also a window to display Huxiang culture. it is known as "the First Street of Sanxiang".

Huang Xing Road Road Pedestrian Street
Fiery Palace on Pozi Street

Fiery Palace on Pozi Street

Dishes full of traditional flavour

Pozi Street in Changsha, which has a long history of more than 1200 years, is a thousand-year-old street. The newly built Pozi Street officially opened in 2005, with a total length of 640m from Huangxing South Road in the east to Xiangjiang Avenue in the west.

Fiery Palace on Pozi Street has so many traditional dishes. The famous dish stinky Tofu is an intangible cultural heritage. 

Du Fu River Pavillion

Best view of May Day firework

Du Fu River Pavillion is an imitation of Tang architecture and was built in memory of Du Fu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. Across the river from Juzizhou and Yuelu Mountain, it is less than one kilometer away from Tianxin Pavilion. It is the cultural landmark of "both sides of a river" in Changsha.

Every holiday, the Changsha government will hold a fireworks meeting. Huge fireworks will bloom over the Du Fu River Pavillion. The splendid view of fireworks appeals to millions of people coming to see it.

Du Fu River Pavillion
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